Bonnie’s Bio

Photo by Holly Eschrich

Bonnie with employers Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich

Bonnie Low-Kramenhas been the Assistant to celebrity couple Olympia Dukakis (Academy Award, Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias) and Louis Zorich (Mad About You) since 1986. She is also a co-founder and former President of New York Celebrity Assistants (NYCA), a networking and support organization for New York-based celebrity assistants. Bonnie is a popular speaker and instructor across the United States, Canada, and England.

Why a Blog? If you are reading this, you know that I am the personal assistant to actress Olympia Dukakis and my book is called, “Be the Ultimate Assistant, A celebrity assistant’s secrets to success. I performed this work for 25 years and I still want to learn and seek ways to improve. I believe you do too.

We are challenged though, by lack of time. That’s why this Blog will seek to cut to the chase, be user-friendly and invent a safe space to air issues, problems to solve, and solutions to be had. With all due respect to the Internet, fellow admins are our #1 resource. We may work in different companies, but we care about the same things. Thus, the Blog.

Excellence & Professionalism
This Blog is a forum for Excellence and Professionalism, a place to explore ways to do our work faster and better, but to never lose sight of the humanity of it. What I mean is that high technology can appear to dominate our work, but what really makes the difference between us are our people-skills, the ways we connect with other human beings whether they are our employers, co-workers, or family and friends.

The Human Touch
I care about the learning curves required to master the latest software or cell phone, but I care equally about the promoting an atmosphere in the workplace that encourages open communication and positive confrontation to problems.

Gender in our Workplace
Our profession is 95% women. Many of us have employers who are women. That dynamic creates challenges which I hope we can discuss on this Blog. Women need to help other women. Small sentence, big meaning. But I believe it and practice it and want to encourage you to do so as well. Don’t get me wrong. I welcome men to my Blog but am keenly aware that it will be mostly women here.

The power of the written word
As I began to write my book, I was surprised that I had so much to say! I found that there are many issues about which I care deeply. So I wrote and I wrote. When I finally self-published in 2004, my readers wrote back to me. That’s when I knew I had hit a nerve, that I was on the right track.

What you write will matter to others. The written word has great power. So ask a question, post a comment, say what’s on your mind. Let us help each other. Let us begin.


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