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Welcome to my Blog. I decided to create a Blog because of my strong belief that it is the free-flowing sharing of information that is the key to success for all Administrative Professionals. We can’t all be good at everything, but we are all good at many things. Those are the things I want to explore on this Blog. No membership cost or passwords. Just solid information and useful feedback between us.

So here’s the deal. In part, this Blog is designed to test my theory that admins need and want to help other admins. When that happens, we all learn and do our jobs better. The theory concludes with each of us ultimately making more money and enjoying more free time. Please prove me right.

Because of work, travel, or just life moving in, there may be a day or two when I can’t sign on to this Blog to answer a question. I invite you to answer it for me.

I want this Blog to serve two groups:

  1. Administrative Professionals (4.1 million in the U.S., 95% are women)
  2. Employers/Managers/Business Owners who employ Administrative Professionals (approx. 60% of U.S. business owers are male, 40% are female)

We all know the workplace has changed and is continuing to change at a rapid pace. These changes affect both admins and whoever is supervising. It is a relationship that impacts the effectiveness of each constituent. It is a living, breathing, dynamic relationship. If we care about our work as admins, then we need to pay attention to how we deal with our employers and how they deal with us.

There are many issues to discuss and problems to solve. Such as: How are gender issues affecting the workplace for assistants? and; Is abusive behavior in the workplace getter better or worse and what can we do about it?

Let us have a dialogue between these two groups and see what problems we can solve together. To help get us started, I’ve written an article called “Ten Things to Know About Working With an Assistant, or (What They Don’t Teach You in Business School.)”

Just click on the Managers and Business Owners tab.

Go to my About page to read more.

OK, let’s talk…

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4 thoughts on “Administrative Professionals

  1. Bonnie,

    How eloquently you stated the case for respect. As the professionals who are on the lowest rung of the org chart (and may not appear at all in some companies), being shown respect by an executive to an administrative professional can only be a win-win for both.

    How sad that some management associates feel it is part of their “role” to verbally abuse their assistants (let’s not even include the sexually harassment arena – that’s another blog topic, for sure) as a way to demonstrate power.

    Well, earth to executives, if you don’t practice mutual respect, then when your assistant doesn’t perform to expectations or leaves the company, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    My question is, after all the years that management has functioned as it does, why haven’t they figured it out by now? What a waste of education and simple values taught by their parents. Shame on them!!!


  2. I actually think that some managers have begun to get the point.
    I have been in the administrative field forever and I have seen a change in the way we are viewed. I think as we get more educated and more proud of our accomplishments and the fact that we do what we do very well, we somehow tranfer that feeling to those we work around and for. We have come to respect ourselves more and I think others (including management) have picked up on that universal vibe and have also begun to see administrative professionals in a new light. Yes, there are still the cavemen (and women) out there but they will get weeded out because our profession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…
    I am enjoying your blog…

  3. Hello-
    Wow.. I am excited about the way the business world is starting to recognize Administrative Professionals. I have worked in this field for several years and have observed myself and colleagues being overlooked and undervalued. Change is great! There are still few training and development programs available to help us progress in our careers. I will be ordering a copy of your book and I look forward to finding out what more you have to say.


  4. Hello Bonnie, just wanted to drop a line and tell you as well as your followers how much I enjoyed working with you. Very thorough and extremely knowledgeable as an Admin, top notch professional with great presentation skills and a wonderful attitude!

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